I stumbled upon a clever video on YouTube recently, posted by Wired Magazine.     The words got my attention more than ever before.

Now that you’ve watched the clip,  you’re probably thinking, “you know, I think she’s on to something.  I’d better check this out“.

The world we live in today offers endless opportunities to engage our target audience.

But no matter if it was in 1960, or 2017, the premise is still the same for no matter what platform you’re communicating through:   TV, Video, Social Media, Webinars, Podcasts, Banner Ads, Websites or other digital media.

We need to answer in a catch-all, attention grabbing way:

    • who we are
    • what we do
    • why we’re qualified
    • where we’re located
    • what areas do we service
    • if its a product, what does it do
    • why does one need this product
    • what demographic audience does the product or service target
    • what is our phone number
    • is there a website if they’ve landed on an external directory
  • are reviews from other customers available?

Then we need to respond quickly to any and and all  inquiries.

A blog helps to engage our audience, capture their attention, convey information that elicits a sense of trust in our expertise for whatever service or product we offer.

If you have a business, BRANDING your virtual personality is what will provide identifying information for the audience your business is targeting.

If your virtual personality lacks consistency or reflects numerous errors, thats not saying a whole lot to the people in your geo location who are searching for your products or services.  If you don’t care about the accuracy of your business location data,  your potential prospects may perceive this as a reflection on your products and services, as well.

By placing focus and importance on the health of your digital presence, you establish credibility and high standards for the products and services your business represents.

A dominate search engine like Google will reward your business with improved search engine rankings when your businesses’ virtual personality is optimized and in good health.  The more clicks and calls to your business, the more relevant your business becomes.

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