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It’s time to steer your business on to the digital mainstream. Digital consumers are shopping and searching right now for your products and services.  Many are the people who live right in your local community or region and want to shop local.  They want to find out more about your business, or to get your phone number, directions or other pertinent information about your products and services. 

They don’t pickup a Yellow Pages anymore.  Their mobile super computer offers anywhere instant searching, anytime.   

Don’t you want your business to show up prominently in those searches?   




Hi There.   My name is “Marigold” and my goal today is to help you rethink your business strategy for that year ahead – with a Free Power Tool that you may be ignoring.   I will reveal in this short video a free and fundamental business tool in today’s mobile universe that can drive abundant exposure and increased profitability for your business.

This one digital power tool has the potential to generate more phone calls, more inquiries to your website or landing page and more foot traffic to your business location than any other other tool out there. 

The power tool I’m talking about and that I’ll reveal in just a few moments, is totally free, and finally, like anything, it’s not a magic carpet ride. Effort MUST BE APPLIED. An hour or less per week. And of course consistent attention to that one hour or less per week is IMPORTANT! Don’t plan to generate results by using the tool one or two times. It needs to build momentum, week after week, month after month. So if you’re committed,  let’s keep going.

You’ve got a great location based business. A great product or service, and of course you want your brand of business to be found in near me searches. Time is precious to you.   What I’m divulging here today is the single most powerful free business marketing tool available across the globe today.   If I were to pick from ANYTHING it would be to use this tool to empower mobile consumers (and your business prospects) to find my business, call, text, email or walk into my location. And remember, consistent effort with this tool is key. Your efforts will, in short, build momentum and relevance and put your business in the spotlight.

Now you might be asking, “why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this free power tool?”  There ARE countless articles, and videos available about this very tool, but for one reason or another, you weren’t hearing the vibes, until now. The reality is that millions of businesses are unaware of how to harness its true power to effectively build momentum and impact their bottom line without paying a cent.

So what is the free power tool?

It’s Google My Business.  But if you’ve never claimed your account, you’ve never completed the information in the Google Business Account, the tool is just there, with limited effect.  If someone types in a town or city you’re in, your Business Information may be presented in search results.   Of course that depends on how much competition exists for your business in the town or city where you’re located.    But lets move on. 

The generic account that Google originally setup for your business contains bits and pieces of contact info that has been scrubbed from public records tucked here and there on the internet.  Just letting this account sit and collect dust means it’s not really working for you.  The account is there, but it’s kind of like a stationary bike that you set in the corner and hang laundry on.  Its purpose and the benefits that can be derived from the stationary bike is not being used as it was intended.

Instead of ignoring the Google My Business Account, I urge you to USE IT to build powerful relevance for the products and services your business offers.   CLAIMING your Google My Business account and using it will generate more exposure for your business, more calls, more foot traffic, more inquiries AND in the game of numbers, more sales.   By devoting just ONE HOUR per week your business will begin to harness the true potential of the Google Business Power Tool

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I’m going to walk you step by step to show you the ropes and to divulge the KEY FEATURES that will help you to harness the full power of this incredible tool. Build momentum and build massive exposure to your products and services, with more phone calls, more email inquiries, more foot traffic and increased profits for your business.

Wikipedia reports that is the most used search engine on the world wide web across all platforms with 92.6 percent of market share as of June 2019, handling more than 5.4 Billion searches each day.

Your competition may be taking action already. Will you?

With the insights I’ll bring to you through this video series,  you can use start using this Free Power Tool right away to grab crucial market share that your business deserves.  

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See you in the next video.

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