Review of “Several years of winter” by Valentin Terletsky

There will be a little action in the book (although there is one), the plot is quite simple (journey to Orodruin and internal transformation), however, these individual stories adorn him. In fact, I liked them even more than the main plot.

The heroes of "Several Years of Winter" came out somewhat sketchy. It seemed to me that the most vivid image and disclosures went to Grigor Zalivakha, who in the story is an assistant to the protagonist, but more textured and expressive than the former storyteller. Grigor is a typical loser, he even causes a certain disgust at first, but the fact of the matter is that in a critical situation he changes and acts, he overcomes himself, changes our attitude towards him, which really attracts him. But it’s hard to say about Ivan. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just notice that basically Ivan thinks, but his thoughts do not turn into action into his own choice - he rather reflects on what is happening to him and chooses from what others offer him.

Little can be said about Sofia, a woman with orange hair. She likes fairy tales, she believes that everyone in the world has a destiny, she likes to philosophize, like Ivan, and she also has orange hair. And if Ivan in his views on the world is such a negative yin, then Sofia is his opposite - positive yang. And, actually, that's all. Unfortunately, the dialogues between Ivan and Sofia, which could provide them with depth as characters, come down to recitation, statements of certain ideas, and not expressions and upholding a certain worldview.

The characters of these small stories do not pretend to philosophical heights, quickly reveal and constantly act. The main plot also has a character who is constantly acting - the hired killer Sting. However, he basically only acts, and his thoughts, his thoughts and motives remain, in principle, unknown, and the character, in turn, is not disclosed.

However, if we remember that we have a fairy tale, then most of the characters are represented in accordance with the functions of their character, as the fairy tale requires. But the author wants to talk about serious topics, about complex philosophical issues, and talks about this in the main plot not in the language of a fairy tale, allegorically or metaphorically, but directly, through the character's function. There is a former thief and a crook in the book, whose character lies precisely in this - to be a former thief and a crook who loves fairy tales, and that is why he is a former thief and a crook because he wants to return fairy tales to people. Hmm, somehow it turned out hard ...

Just as long as these are the characters of a fairy tale - everything is fine, each in its own place, each acts as a fairy tale requires, and the image of each corresponds to a fairy-tale chronotope. The main character with the team goes to the hotbed of crime in order to defeat the Gentiles and restore harmony to the world. Both obstacles and assistants appear on his way. However, as soon as, say, the main character tries to beat Albert Camus with his thoughts about the absurd essence of being, the fairy tale immediately collapses, although the plot and characters remain fabulous in form. Social science fiction requires a greater disclosure of the characters and relationships of people in a fantastically represented society, but this, unfortunately, is not in “Several Years of Winter”.

But if there are certain problems with the expression of heroes, then the image of the characters and the world around them is at the highest level. The desolation of the city is well described as an image of a world without a fairy tale-dream, and in the storytelling stories an atmosphere of mystery and miracles is successfully created, which sometimes turns into horror and almost suspense, which I, as a fan of horror, cannot but praise. In general, as if Valentin added more mysticism to the main story, the novel would only benefit from this (although certain supernatural elements are still present there).

So, if you like this style and do not strain thoughts and dialogues on existentially speculative topics, then I recommend “A few years of winter” for reading. Here you'll find the location details for the costco hours in Canada. Scroll down for store address, map and hours.