Witness Duties at the Wedding

First of all, congratulations on being elected as a witness. For many guys to be a witness is proof of a friendly and trusting relationship with the groom. On the wedding day, the groom chooses a person to whom he fully trusts and knows that he will not fail on the wedding day, the most important for the groom. A young man who has never been married is elected to the position of witness.
If you accepted the offer to become a witness at a wedding, then you need to know what you should prepare for on this special day.
At a time when the bride is surrounded by a support group from the girlfriends, the groom also needs the presence of his close friends. And you, as a true friend, have some important responsibilities. You need to provide great support when planning your wedding day, as well as on the wedding day itself.
Duties of the witness.
Organize and spend together with other friends, bachelor party.
Help in organizing a wedding, finding cars for a wedding procession, assistance in decorating a wedding procession.
On the wedding day, appear at the groom before leaving for the bride. Check whether everything necessary for the wedding was prepared by the groom (documents, rings, money, attributes for the wedding and ransom)
To be sleepy and rested on a festive day. Do not abuse alcohol on the eve of the celebration.
It is necessary to foresee the availability of small bills and trifles before redemption. Active participation and assistance in the redemption of the bride.
Before leaving, check that the groom was with a bouquet for the bride.
Prepare a solemn speech in which you mention all the funny cases, and stories in which the bridegroom was noticed.
Actively participate in various competitions and entertainments held by the host of the wedding ceremony.
Collect and store in a separate place all the gifts that guests will give.
Monitor the groom's appearance during the wedding day. Have a roller for cleaning clothes with you, so that at any time you can bring the groom in order.
Carry a sponge for shoes, paper or wet wipes.
To be near the groom all day long and not to abuse alcohol.
Remind the groom that he is under the scrutiny of photos and video cameras and do not let him stoop, hunch, and pick his nose.
On this solemn and responsible day, the witness is in hard and responsible work, for which it is impossible to prescribe all the instructions, but the main duty of the witness is to encourage the groom during the day and charge him with his optimism and positive emotions. Do you often play casino for free money because you do not trust the casino? for you we have selected the best online casinos for real money you can be sure that you will be paid the money as soon as possible, use the welcome bonus for playing for money.