Tips for writing great posts that increase your website traffic.

Speak to your unique audience 

You know your audience better than anyone else, so keep them in mind as you write your blog posts. Write about things they care about. If you have a company Facebook page, look here to find topics and ideas to write about.  Most importantly, be yourself and address your unique audience as if you are having a phone conversation or presenting ideas to a larger audience in front of you.   If you are humorous, use humor.  If you are playful, be professionally playful.   Don’t just put words on paper to satisfy a need for blog content.   

Take a few moments to plan your post 

Once you have a great idea for a post, write the first draft. Some content writers like to start with the title and then work on the paragraphs. Other people like to start with subtitles and go from there. Choose the method that works for you, and let the finished draft simmer like a well concocted soup on the stove.   Sleep on it.  Then read again with a fresh look, to spur new thoughts and revisions. 

Don’t forget to add images 

It’s all too true:   An image speaks a thousand words.    Photos and images convey unspoken words that can prompt your audience to take note of your post.   Be sure to include a few high-quality images in your blog. Images break up the text and make it more readable. They can also convey emotions or ideas that are hard to put into words.  

Edit carefully before publishing

Once you’re happy with the text you’ve drafted, and you’ve gone through the process to put it aside for a day or two, and then re-read it, its time to publish.   You’ll probably still find a few things you want to add, and a couple more words to replace or remove.   Have a friend or colleague look it over to make sure there are no mistakes. When your post is error-free, set it up in your blog and publish. 

Now you’ve delivered content to the world (and to search engine crawlers) that shines with quality and personality that will resonate with your unique audience.   Go ahead and share your new blog article to social media accounts with an image, excerpt and a link back to the post URL on your website.  This will bring “authority juice” back to your website from the huge platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. 

In terms of Google My Business, you should be aware that the potential for momentum can be gained as exposure for your products or services by posting your blog articles to the GMB platform.   

Take these important steps to add wings to your blog articles.

Generate more relevance in the search results, more phone calls, more foot traffic (if you have a brick and mortar business location) and more website inquiries by sharing your blog article not only on your website but also to take advantage of the massive and free exposure you can generate by sharing the post, image and link to social media platforms.   Your audience will thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom and they will in turn develop more loyalty, a sense of trust and perhaps will become a subscriber. 



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