Most Popular Social Media Sites, Please Stand Up?

As I scurry around the internet, touching on all of the points of personal interest, I see a new trend online among social media platforms….

I ask, is the cream rising to the top? It seems there is a certain heaviness sending the best parts floating to the top, a combination of micro-blogging, social embraces, video and business discussions and networking: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and of course YouTube. Will these creams of the social media crops stand strong into the future? Or will another component in the new media buzz gain a lead against these four current big hitters?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and YouTube are the faves that seem to be casting their dice and rolling big numbers today! Lets not even launch into the fact that the unfolding events in Iran are clamouring to social media tools with the depth, breadth and height our collective human souls can reach when feeling out of sight…! Data and strong use of these 4 social media tools continue to pile up, day after day, in ways that will change the way us humans interact virtually and in reality. Hmmm, virtual reality. Works for me!

First of all, I am going to share with you that Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and YouTube are my personal favorites and those which I have decided to remain focused on, without the burden of other competing social media platforms. If I simply read and post early in the morning, later in the evening or on the weekend, then I’m not allowing social media to hurt my business goals. I’m definitely finding the whole social media scene to be a very rewarding experience and an enrichment of my own sense of connection with other humans. A paid webinar series I have enrolled in called Social Media Summit 2009 has been a wonderful way to immerse myself in the whole social media framework (as a business goal) right along side of the brightest social media gurus on the planet as they excitedly share what we want to know about social media marketing. I’m infused, enthused and will refuse to give up my social media experience.

Last week I decided to spruce up my Twitter background with a fun visual of Wild Web West as it relates to social medias. I’m shown in the little red dress, giving my schpeel and wading through the wild west frontiers of social media landscape. As you can see, the graphic I created reflects the four cream of the crop candidates: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

This morning I added a few quick comments on friends and family Facebook walls, photos and such, before I launched into my day, sitting at the computer desk, working on projects that await my creative and techno touches. Its so darn pretty outside, but the day will have to wait, as I accomplish required tasks: tracking an accepted offer on a Grangeville Real Estate listing, creating 2 new websites for web customers, and remodeling a new clients website. As I whisked through these postings, I click my HOME button on Facebook and noticed an interesting article about social media and real estate professionals so I began following the links to find out who posted the article. I would have loved to retwit the article to my twitter account, but there were no sharing type buttons on the blog (must do this myself – its on my to-do list, believe me!). As I scanned through the blog site, I discovered another article titled Social Media Blog, an introduction: The future is here – SM is the face of the present when what to my wondering eyes appeared a miniature set of 4 logos – matching the same four I had highlighted in my twitter graphic.

Could this mean that my favorite four, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and YouTube have also become the darlings of the new social media world? Thus begins my search for the answer. I will post this article, and will return later on (after I’ve accomplished tasks that will pay my bills) to provide additional proof of my findings on this subject. I’ll use all four platforms to launch discussions on this topic that will help us all to discover if the world agrees – social media is everywhere and continuously becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives with networking sites like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and YouTube. Are these truly the cream of the crop in the social media landscape?

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