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As a web designer, developer and web services provider, I try to stay in touch with current trends in the rapidly evolving virtual world by wading through the massive amounts of information

As a web designer, developer and web services provider, I try to stay in touch with current trends in the rapidly evolving virtual world by wading through the massive amounts of information available to web services providers both in print and online.  As a self employed web services provider, spare time is a commodity, but fortunately I enjoy reading out on the deck or the front porch as a restful way to uncoil myself and also to continue in my endeavors to self educate.  After all, information is power, and power often transforms itself into intuitive ways to generate income —> My Web Mantra.

I recently purchased a book that is key to the content marketing side of content management systems.   It underscores the movement of businesses everywhere who are innovating their marketing approach to create content and deliver it to customers online.   The book is titled “Get Content. Get Customers.” and is written by Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett.    These two brilliant internet marketers promote the book as “A Marketers Guide to the New Social Media”.     The book outlines, in common language their helpful guidelines on “how to use content marketing to deliver relevant, valuable, and compelling information that turns prospects into buyers”.

For me personally, owner of Wild Web West, LLC, I have worked almost 10 years growing my company, learning all the ropes, through sheer passion and hard work, and without a need for advertising, the word-of-mouth referrals have sustained Wild Web West’s continued growth in a nice relatively rapid pattern.  Whenever I felt my plate was getting too full, I simply looked for ways to streamline some part of my business, and I also made gentle increases to my hourly rate for services rendered.

But now.  Yes, now, with my plate spilling over, I have gleefully found that Content Management Systems are the right tool for me personally as well.  I have launched CMS as the power behind two primary websites that are key to my professional career direction:

1. – the site you are visiting now

2. – a site that communicates information about Real Estate as a licensed Idaho Real Estate Agent.

In both cases, the Content Management System I have chosen to install is Joomla, and with Joomla, my marketing messages are accessible 24 hrs a day 7 days a week across the globe to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

My real estate clients deserve the expansive potential of the skills I am using to market property to a target audience of buyers who are seeking vacant land or homes for sale in the region of Central Idaho.   I am providing this exposure at

My website clients deserve the exposure gained by promotion of my web services through the examples set by their custom designed websites.  I am providing this exposure at

If you are curious about Content Management Systems or Content Marketing, I do recommend starting your research by purchasing this book, which is posted on the right hand side of this article.  The book will offer valuable information that will help you to innovate the way you are marketing your business now, and may open the doors to increased revenues through your willingness to “deliver relevant, valuable and compelling information that turns prospects into buyers”.

“Just a few years ago, it would have been laughable to imagine that a very small organization could create and maintain a website that could be updated daily – and that would allow visitors to interact and even buy products and services.  Today, it’s not only possible, it’s pervasive.”   [ Source: Get Content. Get Customers. – Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett ]

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