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With all the stir about social media, I finally made it my priority to find out more about these web based networks that are taking the cyberworld by storm. Say what you want about the safety of the internet, but the facts are, we would no more venture into a dark alley, anymore than we would consider putting sensitive personal information online or communicating with total strangers who are lurking about with no true representation or purpose.  The virtual internet world can be as wholesome an experience as reality. The mantra is that responsible living is a part of any aspect of life. So when it comes to the use of the internet by yourself, family members or children, just make sure you act responsibly. I rarely ever see the dark side of the internet, because I do not invite lude and lacivious behavior into that realm of my life.

To me, the internet and cyberspace is as safe as the guidelines that I live by in my normal everyday life. I use precautions and sensible judgement online and offline. Someone named “fuzzpeck” requested to be follower on my account. Upon checking this characters profile, in addition to my gut feeling about his Twitter account name, he did not appear to be a candidate I wanted in my twitterverse. The content of his profile was sordid as well, and therefore, I have not followed fuzzpeck. If he follows me, I will block his account from having access to mine. The importance of using discretion and good judgement is one that I attribute to the fact that I have rarely ever tripped over or had exposure to the dark side of life in cyberspace.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, Plaxo: These are all names you may be familiar with and are categorized by the type of online accounts they represent: Social Media

You’ve seen it on television, online and in print: Social Media is Taking Us By Storm. Whats all the buzz about?

Stay tuned here for my upcoming Social Media series, as I take you on a journey of learning and discovery about Social Media in the 21st century.

In the meantime, click on my Facebook banner above to begin your own discovery of a world that is largely human and places millions of people in touch with old friends, family, business contacts and a network of people who might have otherwise never been in touch.

I have enrolled in an online webinar series called “Social Media Summit 2009”, a series of audio webinars and question and answer sessions by some of the brightest social media gurus in the industry. As I learn, I will bring information to those who enjoy the information posted at

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