Kim, the spirit behind, contacted Wild Web West in early 2013 to talk about a new website.  Her knowledge of websites was minimal, but her intent upon spreading the word of SI instability – joint disorder and related pathologies was very real.

Following years of pain, suffering, and discomfort, countless chiropractic visits and a seeming lack of collective information available for those with joint instability disorder, Kim began her own research online.  She had tired of the hollow response of orthopedists and other medical professionals who simply did not rise to the occasion to help her find relief.   Like unearthing a rare and valuable archeological relic, Kim’s tireless research, and digging for answers and countless phone calls to medical specialists across the US, began to payoff. is a very personal, detailed, comprehensive medical and spiritual journey of one woman’s sheer determination to solve her joint pain and rescue herself from the emotional exhaustion of living with the joint instability for so many years.

Kim’s passionate response to finding solutions and traveling the road to relief has not been easy, but it is with a great sense of compassion and personal reward that she has opted to share her knowledge and experiences with others as a patient advocate in hopes that she might help others who bear the cross of this same chronic joint disorder.

Wild Web West installed Genesis Framework and Metro Child Theme to build the blog site that has grown into a treasure trove of detailed information, youtube video resources and an invitation to contact Kim for personal guidance.  We also installed a subscribe feature for those who wish to receive automated notifications of her new blog postings.

Interested in blogging?  We’ve provided a short video prepared for would-be bloggers.  If you’ve got a great idea, and want to share  valuable insight about your idea, blogging may be the perfect platform.  Through a blog, your idea expanded into a collection of informative articles, may become the trusted source of information for your audience and potential customers.

Contact Mary at Wild Web West to discuss your blog or website project and get started building your brand of information as the trusted source for others in your global community.

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