If there was ever a time to sink your teeth into a PPC marketing campaign, opportunity is knocking right now.

And choosing Wild West Web to manage your paid advertising is a step in the right direction.

As your digital concierge, Wild Web West operates as your point person to handle the campaign details from start to finish.  You don’t have to talk to multiple people, repeating your questions over and over.  Mary Mangold is the account manager, funneling all important information to an expert PPC team member for all pay-per-click services to create, design, launch and monitor your campaign.  

The PPC Team that Wild Web West has worked with for over 3 years is Premium Google Certified at the highest level and continually tuned to the latest algorithm announcements & updates in the Google Adwords universe.   Together, Wild Web West and our exceptionally skilled Google AdWords team,  offers top quality, expert Pay Per Click configuration, monitoring and management services.

If you’ve lost faith in your current PPC provider, or not getting the results you’re seeking, the process of identifying an agency that meets your expectations and fulfills your sense of confidence and trust in a PPC team, is a tough nut to crack.   Many will tell you what you want to hear, but when it comes to delivering real and robust results for a Return-On-Investment, many fail to meet their original promises.

Start by requesting a free, no risk, no obligation, account audit to identify WASTE in your current PPC campaigns.   Don’t worry, your current PPC Provider will not detect that you’re seeking insights with us.   It takes our team approximately 3 business days to produce the results of the audit.   At that time, we’ll go over the results of the audit in detail. And you can be sure, the information provided in our detailed audit report will be explained in layman’s terms with all questions answered. If you like what is presented, and if the results of our investigation shows clear evidence of waste in your current campaign, we’ll take the next step. 

Wild Web West represents your digital concierge for PPC Services, providing you with ONE point of contact to keep your campaign relevant, producing results, conducting monthly catch up calls and ensuring review and delivery of monthly reporting.


  • Our Monthly Ad Spend Minimum starts at $1000 per month but there is no limit to the ad spend on the up side. 
  • We require a 3 month minimum service contract to ensure that our expert team can facilitate  your campaign, adjust to the nuances of your industry, and to generate the momentum and relevance in your industry.   
  • A monthly management fee applies based on your monthly advertising spend.
  • Monthly catch up calls are required to share results, review metrics and answer questions about your campaign, as well as to discuss seasonal and new offers to prospects.
  • Landing page is required apart from your primary website.
  • Initial one time setup fee covers initial landing page design and configuration of call tracking and reporting as well as collecting details about your business, your unique audience, the campaign and translating all of those details to the Google and/or Bing PPC platforms.