Pay Per Click (Google Adwords)

We’ll increase sales for your business by implementing Precise Product Groupings and Product Keyword Targeting while continually optimizing your campaigns through custom bidding algorithms.

If your business is looking for a way to generate a lot of growth, our expert Pay Per Click marketing services will significantly improve sales Year-Over-Year. Smash profit records with expert, USA based Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, retargeting and other PPC services.

Hi Im Mary Mangold with Wild Web West, taming the digital frontier since 1999.   Our white glove digital marketing services offer businesses the opportunity to facilitate growth and exposure of your business products and services.

With a variety of service offerings, we can customize your approach to growth based on your budget and marketing infrastructure.

Wild Web West has have forged a partnership with a USA based Google Premier Partner to take care of the nitty gritty and swiftly changing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services we offer.  I represent your digital concierge, with one point of contact for the month to month campaign strategies that match your business goals. .

We differentiate ourselves from other pay-per-click management companies by providing more transparency in our PPC techniques and better results. We back this up by not requiring a long term contract for our services. If at anytime, you don’t feel that your getting a positive return on your ad spend, we can pause all efforts. We know that keeping happy clients is all about keeping an open line of communication and delivering results.

We provide a report at the start of every month which shows how the campaigns performed in prior months, it details the optimization techniques that we used and includes our recommendations for improving performance. If your running your own pay-per-click campaign or if you have a PPC management company and you are not sure if you are not sure your getting the most leads for your budget, let us take a look for free. We can tell you if we see issues that need to be addressed that will save you money and produce more leads.

One of the most effective types of PPC campaigns is a remarketing campaign. In a remarketing campaign, visitors who come to your site (via any source) will be “cookied” with a small amount of data which basically just says that they have visited your site. They are then a part of your remarketing list. We can then show banner ads to your remarketing list for an appropriate amount of time after their first visit to remind them about your brand and to bring them back to get them to convert into a lead or customer. Remarketing clicks in general are much less expensive than standard clicks and the conversion rates are typically much higher.

For more information on our Pay Per Click (PPC) services, or to set up a PPC campaign please contact us to arrange a business meeting. 


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