Highly effective management of PPC Services should document all metrics delivered by ongoing Adwords campaigns, with a ToolKit that helps us to organize reporting, and make the results of your campaigns easy to read and understand.

When Wild Web West is managing PPC services for a client, there are certain software products and documented processes that are needed in our toolkit. We provide all of the tools needed as part of our careful and highly effective management of your account.

Let’s take a look at some of the tools and processes that should be in play:

Onboarding process. Wild Web West provides a detailed onboarding process for our clients. You can rely on my experience and my Google Certified expert team to document a solid onboarding process that works for both of us.
Client reporting. Wild Web West clients should expect to receive a regular monthly report that updates you on the progress of the campaign in the form of charts, graphs, and a visually beautiful depiction of your results. To deliver on that expectation, we share a leading edge reporting portal with your own login and password to represent the results of the campaign.

Call tracking.One thing that most industries are going to need is a way to track inbound phone calls and inquiries. Wild Web West is delivering leads for our clients, and you’ll want to know how many you’ve acquired. The only way to keep track of this is to use call tracking software. Again, my team supplies the call tracking platform and we integrate with your reporting app. Below is an example of what a report from Call Tracking Metrics looks like:

  • Account management. The world of PPC is very competitive, and in most industries campaigns require regular maintenance and management. Humans alone can’t present the analysis and drilled down detail to maintain a high-performing campaign anymore. That’s why an account management tool is essential. These tools aren’t at the stage where they can replace humans, but they can deliver the volume of consistent data that a human needs to provide insights and make impactful campaign changes.

  • Research. Wild Web West also relies on specific tools for conducting keyword research, competitor analysis, or client prospecting, tools to make sure we are in touch with not just the perception of what audiences are typing into find your products and services, but more importantly, the reality of what we know to be true, as far as keyword research.


The digital marketing services space is extremely crowded, but Wild Web West takes the approach that not all businesses are a good fit for the digital agency we represent. My own business strategy and goals to help my business to flourish, slow and steady, are to recognize the characteristics of clients and their products and services, that fit Wild Web West’s business model best.

For more reasons than technical prowess and a constantly changing algorithmic dynamic in the Adwords platforms today, working with an expert PPC services team comes with countless upsides for Wild Web West including:

Our overheads and headcount are reduced.
Our costs are relative to revenue.
Wild Web West does not have to deal with the headache of resource allocation due to holiday or sick leave.
Our ability to scale your campaigns and work with multiple clients is essentially unrestricted.
Wild Web West delivers better results for our clients because we are working with industry specialists that have done it all countless times before, and as the digital concierge or the FACE and VOICE in the front lines with clients, I am left to focus solely on our client relationship.
Wild Web West works in a virtual office environment with phone or video conferencing to consult with clients both voice and face to face. It is my digital agency’s path forward to serve pre-qualified PPC clients that fit both of our needs to fulfill the goals with a mutually satisfying, high reward business relationship.

Reach out to me personally if you are seeking to enter the pay-per-click or even programmatic display ads arena for your business marketing strategies.

It would be a privilege to speak with you to determine if we strike a chord of mutual appreciation for common values that seek to achieve a robust business partnership today and in the years ahead.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and we’ll take the first step together.

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