The techniques required to generate link popularity are so simple.  EVEN A CAVE WOMAN can do it.

There is a search engine algorithm among the Googles of the world commonly known as LINK POPULARITY. Many website owners achieve great success in generating increased traffic to their website just by sharing links with other websites. The concept is simple.  The more sites out in cyberspace containing a link   to your website, the more relevancy your website will generate, resulting in higher rankings and ultimately an increased  flow of traffic to your site.

Article Marketing
One very effective method of creating link popularity for your website is to participate in what is known as Article Marketing.  This tool can be very effective, especially for a person who takes the time to write periodic  articles  relating to their own product or service.   These articles can  be posted to your own website or blog, but also should be contributed to  any number of free news oriented sites,  who willingly take articles that are complimentary to their particular news focus   Its very important to include multiple links in your articles that point back to your website.   This is one of the best ways to generate link popularity.

Membership Links
A second way to get link popularity generating higher relevancy in the search engines is to make sure that any memberships or subscriptions you have paid for include a link back to your website.   This is a no brainer idea to get more link popularity and is as important as putting your telephone and other contact information in the membership listing.

Web Directory Links
There is one other  effective method of getting link popularity for your site.  Surf the internet to find web directories that enable you to post a free link back to your website.   You may find these directory sites by conducting a basic search on Google.com or Bing.com or any search engine you like to use, entering keywords that are relevant to your product or service. Once you locate the web directory, take a moment to register and follow the sequence of steps needed to make sure your website link is posted on that site. You’d be suprised by how many web directories out in cyberspace are very welcome to free listings.

For Idaho County website owners,  www.VisitIdahoCounty.com is the perfect example of a free web directory.  By submitting a link to www.VisitIdahoCounty.com , you can  add a FREE LINK to your website, blog or social media fan page without any requirement for a reciprocal link . That means you;re getting the benefits of high traffic from this focused Idaho County Web Directory without having to reciprocate with a link back.

The motivation for creating a web directory is to build traffic and generate a quality, easy to use, web directory for a focused or localized group.  You may check the privacy policy for any web directory you submit your listing to, in order to just make sure your email will not be used to send spam or email messages you have not opted-in to receive.  Or, to save time, you could just use a junk email address that you;ve setup for these purposes, perhaps a free account at hotmail.com or yahoo.com just to make sure spam doesn’t interfere with your daily routine and primary email address.

Why Do We Want Link Popularity?
If search engines see our website as being more relevant based on link popularity, your search engine rankings will increase. With higher rankings, your website gets more exposure. Generating more exposure to your products and services is essentially called  marketing.   When we market our products or services, organizations or clubs, and generate traffic, we;re building our prospect base which leads to increased revenues through sales.  More sales is truly the bottomline to any business effort. Right?

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If you’re looking for an effective website presence with a customized  site for your club or organization, visit www.WildWebWest.com. Mary Mangold is a knowledgeable website designer and web hosting provider  with extensive experience in all areas of web design and development.  I’m ready to talk about your online goals to get you started on the path to increased revenues and website exposure.

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