Where have I been?  I completely missed a fabulous tool that I could have been using to improve customized stylesheets!

While reviewing the user guide for the WordPress Thesis Theme last night, I ran across Kristerella, who provided me with one of the most highly prized “EUREKA’s!”  that I have experienced in quite some time (well at least since I found Thesis Theme).  Kristarella provided Thesis Theme users with insight to Firefox’s Add-on called Firebug.  I have to tell you, this find and understanding of what Firebug offers to web designers like me was  – the neatest discovery since sliced bread!

With the Firefox browser and the add-on Firebug, I can open my WordPress sites using that combination, and easily view the html as well as the styles or CSS that creates each element in the page.  Take that concept one step further, when I make an edit in Firebug, it only affects my browser and makes the change in visual appearance to the web page, but the changes aren’t permanent to the site and simply acts as a tool to zero in on the snippet of code that I’m wanting to identify for modification.

Firebug has probably been out there for a while, but it took a series of events and Kristarella to open my eyes to the existence of this FANTASTIC tool that I will use and use until the next great EUREKA comes along.  Thank you Kristarella!!  Here is a link to her excellent video:  How to use Firebug for CSS – by Kristarella

Thesis Theme for WordPress is awaiting my customizing efforts!

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