WordPress Website Hosting

Our White Glove Website Hosting includes Extra Bundled Services And Peace of Mind:

4 Key Benefits

Wordpress Plugins

Wild Web West keeps your plugins updated. No need to hassle with the occasional conflicts & associated problems when plugins are not kept updated in a timely manner.

Key Benefit #1

Entrust your WordPress Website Hosting to Wild Web West. Save time and frustration. We have your back when it comes to the maintenance of WordPress plugin updates.

Database Backups & PHP Upgrades

PHP is the code language that WordPress is built upon. As technology rushes forward, PHP requires an upgrade to the next suggested version.

Key Benefit #3

Entrust your WordPress Website Hosting to Wild Web West. We download a copy of your SQL Database file, and export an XML WordPress file and we store both files before upgrading PHP.

Restoring Your Website

When errors occur such as Internal Server Errors 500, due to a variety of causes, Wild Web West goes to work recovering the site from whatever critical issue caused the problem.

Key Benefit #2

Entrust your WordPress Website Hosting to Wild Web West. We monitor all customer web hosting accounts using our Pro tool and take immediate action whenever something goes wrong.

Redundant 30 Day Backups

With Godaddy's WordPress Managed Hosting, you get the benefit of 30 days of backups in case something goes wrong. We can restore from backup in 99% of all cases.

Key Benefit #4

Entrust your WordPress Website Hosting to Wild Web West. Restoring from backup offers business clients peace of mind knowing that when things go wrong, recovery is available.

As a Godaddy Reseller Pro, Mary Mangold of Wild Web West offers all WordPress Managed hosting customers a layer of protection that definitely exceeds the norm.  

Website hosting and the overall health of your site is a critical aspect that is oftentimes ignored.    Technical issues, corruptions, and internal server errors occasionally occur, especially when sites get old, or malware attacks the site, or if a computer with an open connection to the backend of your website is infected with a virus. 

Technology is fantastic, but its not perfect.  As is often in the news, hackers are known to attack big corporate websites with the highest level technical teams.  Certainly issues can arise for smaller companies too,  and that can be very scary for a business professional lacking web hosting and technical savvy.

With Wild Web West, web hosting customers benefit from our White Glove Services, available free with any Deluxe WordPress Managed Hosting account where Wild Web West has designed your site or handled a full website upgrade.  

Constant focus on maintenance of website elements to keep your website on the safe side is critical to the long term health of your online presence.   From the constant upgrades of WordPress Open Source platform, the plugins that help a website perform and themes that are installed, typically require frequent updates.   Less frequently, PHP, the database code language for WordPress, requires updates. 

When serious issues occur such as internal server errors, or malware attacks, its helpful to know that Wild Web West has your back and understands how to tackle malware or to bring your website back online.  

Often, aging websites are the most vulnerable and this makes it very important to understand when the time is right to hire a web professional for a total upgrade of your website, to keep in line with technology’s rapid evolution.

All web hosting customers enjoy redundant 30 day rotating backups that can be used to recover a problem that your website might experience.   OR if a user accidentally deletes content, we can restore to a backup from the day prior.   

Leaning on Wild Web West to handle those “scary moments” allows you to focus on what you know best:  Your business products and services.  

In summary, “White Glove Website Hosting”  is designed to relieve you from the toil and complicated issues arising from plugin conflicts, technical issues and more. 

We have access to cpanel hosting, but our “White Glove Website Hosting” is available through our Deluxe or Ultimate WordPress Managed Hosting accounts that are unique to the Godaddy.com platform.  

Wild Web West is your first line of support to call if something has gone wrong.  

When you opt to become a Wild Web West hosting customer, your business is setup with a dedicated web hosting account, your credit card is added as a payment method to automatically bill all products associated with your web presence including but not limited to: 

  • WordPress Managed Hosting (which now comes equipped with SSL Certificates)
  • Firewall and Essential Securities
  • Domain name registrations