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With all of the spam and unwanted email solicitations these days, it's easy for businesses to discount the highly effective benefits of email marketing.

REALITY CHECK: Email Marketing can generate an abundance of results, new leads and is an effective step toward filling your pipeline.

Opt-in email marketing really translates to an engaged audience of interested Subscribers who gave you permission to send them news, announcements or specials from your business or organization. I don't know about you but thats a stellar concept to consider. The bigger your list of subscribers gets, the more subscribers to engage.

The art of speaking to a captive audience is not difficult. Take small steps and be consistent until your comfort level is more pronounced. In 2 or 3 or more years, your Subscriber list or "Members" can become a very powerful tool that helps you to achieve your goals and establish a vital relationship with your subscriber audience.

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Ten reasons every business should use Opt-In Email Marketing.

Email marketing sent to your OPT-IN AUDIENCE is a highly effective approach to building an audience of prospects, many of who will sooner or later be converted to customers.  But they start out as subscribers. 

OPT-IN Email Marketing gives the subscriber total control.  They can opt to receive regular communications from your business.  They can also unsubscribe whenever the reason presents itself.  

I’ve unsubscribed from many lists that send me emails every day, and while I still liked them, it was too much of a productivity drain to delete emails that I knew were at the bottom of my pile of important emails to review and respond to.  

A subscribe feature is truly one of the earliest known automations, and functions to  move the decisions and the  toil of administering emails from the business to your individual audience members.  Ever since opt-in email marketing went mainstream, your target market has had the ability to enter their email address into a subscribe field and possibly a name,  to automatically add themselves to the email marketing list.   In that effort, your subscribers are essentially raising their hand and saying:  “Hey, I’d like to hear from you whenever you send out communications of any sort”.  

Subscribers have TOTAL CONTROL over their continued election to receive information from you in the form of emails.   In terms of the control your audience wields, they can each UNSUBSCRIBE at ANY TIME using a valid unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you send out. 

Once consumers have subscribed, your prospects and/or existing customers begin receiving your insightful news, announcements, and specials with links to more robust blog pages or “calls to action”.    

By configuring an email marketing system and rolling out a subscribe feature on your website, in your email signature block, and on social media accounts, you can over time, grow a very robust and a large list of interested and qualified consumers or business prospects.   Your business can interact with these qualified leads and or customers directly, through emails, since they’ve indicated in a subscriber action, that they are interested in what your business offers. 

Nowadays, free and very affordable tools are available in Email Marketing services,  like Mailchimp.   There are also more sophisticated email marketing systems with lots more features to automate and begin to “machine learn” based on behaviors that you configure into your campaigns and that allow further segmenting and grouping of your audience. 

The ultimate goal in segmenting an email list means that you can roll out specific promotions that certain groups of subscribers are more interested in, than others.  

When setup and configured correctly, email marketing offers exceptional results.   It’s not only an affordable solution, but can be an extremely efficient strategy and will definitely add high value you your business as real assets. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any of the technicalities once you opt for Wild West Web to collaborate, strategize and configure an email marketing system that works for your business.  

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