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Throughout the 1800?s and into the turn of the century, the Wild West symbolized a new frontier!   It was a place where the ordinary man could work hard and realize dreams of striking it rich.  Whether from beaver pelts, extracting oil from deep in the earth, or mining for gold and other precious metals,  the wild west represented a rugged frontier where great fortunes could be had for those willing to embark on the adventure.  Thousands clamored westward to get a piece of the action.

Not much has changed in today’s modern era except that today’s Gold Rush exists in cyberspace.  Our modern Wild Web West is still rugged, but is definitely a place where great fortunes are made.   Look at the brilliant and very wealthy individuals the Wild Web West has produced in just the last decade,  from online tools and places to shop to social medias:   Amazon, Facebook, Square, StudioPress, WordPress and now Twitter, just to mention a few.

The Digital Age has made it possible for entrepreneurial talent from all walks of life to risk everything to pursue a dream and the chances of striking it rich in the online arena.  From  brilliant technology driven dot-coms – millionaires have been spun out of the gold dust in cyberspace.

Fact is, individuals who believe in themselves, their knowledge and ideas, and are passionate about it, often become legends in modern history.   Just like in the old west,  a healthy share of disappointments, desperation and failures exist.  The dark side does exist in cyberspace as well.  Cyber terrorism, hackers, spammers and criminals who prey on the innocent and vulnerable.   But that element exists everywhere, even in Vatican City.

Those who have experienced failure often push forward, learning from their mistakes, refusing to give up and one day meet with success!

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Henry Ford

You might ask – has Mary Mangold struck it rich?  

Well, in many ways my life does emulate richness and abundance.   My sense of “rich” may not match  yours.   Each of us have our own personal reality when it comes to mining our own nuggets of gold.     I operate my web business out of my home office in a beautiful corner of the world and earn a handsome living by providing affordable web design and web marketing services to small and medium businesses across the US and Canada.  I don’t want employees, I don’t want an office in town and I definitely enjoy the heck out of sitting at my desk and plying my trade.   Have I discovered gold?  You bet I have.   Out of a sincere passion for web technology, I earn money that pays my bills and offers the luxuries of entrepreneurial joy.   I enjoy the productive, slow, steady rewards of a solid business model, an awesome lifestyle, and a good conscience for helping my valued customers to market and expose their business products or services and to DISCOVER GOLD with

It doesn’t come easy!

No more than the dirty, tough and rugged work to mine gold in the wild west, the work performed by those who find success in cyberspace is not at all what I’d call “easy”.

In the years I’ve been pursuing my web services career, I have seen competition come and go.  It is always with great inspiration that I see competition roam into my neighborhood.   Competition is good for the soul and can be very humbling.  It helps us to remain at attention, improving and evolving our own business model – to be better and to reign across the lands, better than before.   Those who have fizzled out in my local realm may have observed the expanse of the Wild thought that their perception of my job was easy to duplicate.  Not so.  I am a workaholic and ply my trade day and night.  Do I want to work hard – you bet.  I love my trade and I want more than anything to satisfy my customers.    It is easy?  Nope.   At times when others may be outside on holiday weekends having fun outdoors, I’m working.  But its all worthwhile to me.  It gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I am contributing something positive to the world and loving it at the same time.   Web design and marketing is my #dreamjob.

Do you dream about a business idea, your mind running wild with thoughts of entrepreneurial adventures that leave you sleepless at night?  Now is the time to take that important step forward  to change your destiny and recreate the path of your life’s ambition.

Don’t wait any longer to discover gold in the Wild Web West.

Today, a professionally designed online presence is one of the single most important tools to launch your entrepreneurial endeavors.   Whether you’ll engage your target audience through personal expertise and knowledge with the ultimate goal of selling a service concept, or you want to promote tangible products that meet the needs of a focused group of consumers, a custom designed, search engine powerful, editable website is a very cost effective marketing tool to launch your idea.


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