Digital Knowledge Management

All over the world, people are asking questions, seeking answers. Seeking facts. Uncovering the truth.

In an era of too much information, trust is broken. Reputations are at stake. We are agents of change, leading brands into the future of search by providing perfect answers everywhere.

Take advantage of our free tool to check how your business appears online.

Business Listing Scan

See the results in real time.

When you complete the form with your business location credentials filled in, our system will generate  results in real time, and will appear on your device, whether a desktop pc, tablet or mobile phone.   

Your Business Listing scan will also prompt an email to Wild Web West.  Within one business day, I will contact your business regarding the results of the scan and to answer any questions you might have. 

The Business Listing results do not provide the name of the person from your company.  If you would like to ensure a message or call holding is forwarded to you, please inform your front office staff that a call will be received from Mary Mangold of Wild Web West to answer any questions you may have about the results of your business scan.   

There is absolutely no obligation to ask questions.  You may simply use the scan to learn how your location based business appears to mobile consumers throughout the  75+ portals, mapping and search sites that are integrated with our network. 

Take a look below at the icons of partners that are included in our network. 

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