When it comes to custom website design & development services, you'll get top quality, expert results when you choose Wild Web West! 

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Since 1999, Wild Web West has specialized in quality, content driven, organically search engine optimized websites for small and mid-sized businesses. Through our commitment to top quality work and expertise, our guarantee of satisfaction is a hallmark of our long term success as providers of “done for you” services in the website development industry. 

Every website we build at Wild Web West is uniquely customized and designed to perform organically for the products and services offered by each business and organization we’ve served over the past two decades since we opened our doors.   In short, we  bring relevant exposure through  professionally designed and developed websites that gain momentum through time.   Additionally, all websites designed by Wild Web West are mobile responsive to appear polished and browser friendly, no matter which device your visitors are using to browse your online presence.

Each and every site we build is designed as an “editable” platform by your in-house team members, or optionally, as many of our clients prefer, your website can be updated as a “Done For You” service as frequent or infrequently as you choose, by our Wild Web West professional web design team members.

Wild Web West provides top quality web hosting and related add-ons, offered as a layer of protection for our customer’s online presence that brings peace of mind that allows you to focus on what you know best:  Your business products and services.  From web hosting to other essential layers of security, our “White Glove Website Hosting”  is designed to relieve you from the toil and complicated issues arising from web platforms that our support team can handle for you with expert results:

  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Firewall and Essential Securities
  • Domain name registrations


WordPress: A Content Management Dream Platform

A content management system, or CMS for short, is a software program that is integrated as an inherent feature of your website’s coding, thus making it easy for most lay people to be able to add, modify or remove content at your convenience without requiring extensive technical knowledge to do so.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, not only for its widespread availability of customizable features, but as an open-source platform, entrepreneurs and coders worldwide continue to invent extremely useful plugins for WordPress that help businesses extend the usability of their online presence both for in-house measurements, but also for collaboration with your unique audience. 

The options for custom design using WordPress are literally endless.  Combined with the theme framework options we license as an agency  for use on client sites, the structural layout of websites following WordPress’ adoption of “sections and blocks” protocol,  gives the world a  “sky is the limit” approach to matching vision to reality of the transformation of how your website can function.   Add-in the awesome built in blogging platform that is very robust and by design, crawl-able by search engine spiders on a DAILY basis, and you’ve got a recipe for a very dynamic marketing engine that can power your business to profits.


Choose from Our "Done For You" Custom Website Packages


Landing Page Starter Package

$ 1495
  • Includes Custom Website Design With
  • Home Page with 4 Featured Sections
  • One Product or Service Detail Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year Web Hosting*
  • 1 Year Domain Name (or $25 credit if not needed)
  • Organically search engine optimized for 5 top keyword phrases
  • Google Search Console and Analytics integration.

Business Website Package

$ 3495
  • Includes Custom Website Design for New or Upgrade Website
  • Home Page with 4 to 6 Featured Sections
  • Up to 10 Pages Professionally Edited and Embellished Using Your Supplied Text (expandable)
  • 30 Licensed Images From Adobe Stock
  • Contact Us Page with Licensed Gravity Forms
  • Optional Blog Section Configured With Your Articles
  • 1 Year SSL Certificate (https://)
  • 1 Year Deluxe Website Hosting*
  • 1 Year Domain Name (or $25 credit if domain name is already registered)
  • Organic keyword optimization for 15 keyword phrases that fit your products or services.
  • Google Search Console and Analytics integration.
  • Free Site Audit After Website is Launched for minimum of one month
  • 6 Months Free Local Search Reporting*
  • Additional Licensed WordPress Plugins*
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