Mini Video Commercials As A Service!

Video advertising is becoming a huge part of the internet. Corporate giants are using video ads to capture the attention of connected consumers everywhere, in all age groups, genders and other categories. If you’re looking for a video ad for your company, Wild Web West provides professional video editing and production services. Just contact us at 208-983-7602

The Cream of the Social Media Crop

I ask, is the cream rising to the top? It seems there is a certain heaviness sending the best parts floating to the top, a combination of micro-blogging, social embraces, video and business discussions and networking: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn and of course YouTube. Will these creams of the social media crops stand strong into the future? Or will another component in the new media buzz gain a lead against these four current big hitters?

Social Media :: Use it Responsibly

With all the stir about social media, I finally made it my priority to find out more about these web based networks that are taking the cyberworld by storm. Say what you want about the safety of the internet, but the facts are, we would no more venture into a dark alley, anymore than we would consider putting sensitive personal information online or communicating with total strangers who are lurking about with no true representation or purpose.

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