Hello there.    Are you researching U.S. based wordpress website developers to select the right professional to launch a polished online presence for your business, organization, product or service?   If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place and a digital agency that should be considered as one of your top picks.  Stick around and I’ll explain why.

Today, there are people across the globe who are calling themselves web designers or web developers.  But what is the litmus test for a true experienced professional. 

What should you be looking for in the freelancer or digital agency that you’ll entrust to handle your online presence? 

Let’s start with the top five things to consider:

Years of Experience.

Anyone can create a website and make the statement that they are experts in crafting websites that provide exposure to your products and services.  But where the rubber meets the road is in the presentation of a portfolio of websites actually designed.   If there is no portfolio, then the person should be able to list a minimum of 10 website addresses (URL’s)  that they have personally designed and developed or had an in-house design department that should be evident on their own website.  Call or email each of the businesses represented by their portfolio of designs to ask about their satisfaction with the design agency you’re considering.   Ask if their website performs to their liking.   

As a veteran of website development, I’ve  personally built and launched 100’s of custom websites since 1999 when I opened my digital agency in 1999.  

Check out my portfolio of recent website designs here. 

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Its not enough just to hire an individual who says they are a web designer and creates a flashy site to WOW you and your target audience in a visual fashion.   What really counts is that a website can be found amid the many many other sites promoting the same type of business, product or service – worldwide.   Depending how competitive your industry might be or the keyword phrases  emphasized to bring about relevance to a website,  the quality of content is key to successful ranking of your site, long term.

Getting your page ranked for keyword phrases that are meaningful to you,  is not as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.   Thats when experience and knowledge counts.

Today, the organic search results are being diluted by the deep pockets of the  Amazons, Googles and Facebooks of the world who have done a good job monetizing the offerings for paid advertisers.  As a result, an extremely competitive market will need to do more than just add pretty pictures and a few lines of information.   Thats where hiring an expert website developer is critical to creating the kind of exposure that can increase traffic to your business, generating leads, and earning new customers.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Today, more people are browsing for products and services on their mobile phones and tablets than on a desktop.  Thats why any website should also double as a mobile responsive site.  Lets break that down a bit.   The information and images you present to your target audience,  is like a brochure that anyone can access, anytime, anywhere, on any device.   A well designed website has the ability to engage your audience no matter what device they are using.   So mobile responsive means that the layout on a tablet or mobile phone does not shrink to microscopic size.   The layout on a phone should be legible, polished, easy to navigate and thumb scroll  friendly. 

Written Web Development Agreement. 

As a detailed person, I always look for written confirmation of services for hire.  Whether its to build a house, or expand a garage area, remodel a bathroom or other service, I feel most comfortable with written detail of the job I’m hiring out.   

Thats why I’ve always issued written web agreements to outline exactly what I am doing in exchange for the project fees paid for  a custom wordpress site.  If the web designer / developer you’re considering for your website does not issue a fairly detailed agreement, you have nothing to backup their claims of what is promised.   Its so disheartening when I hear, time and again, examples of website projects that turned into disaster experiences .  In most of these cases, there was never any written agreement presented by the service provider.  Money handed over and no good results.   

I agree it can be confusing to hear it all in one schpeel for the layman.   That’s why Wild Web West recommends and always issues a written agreement.  Customers are asked to review the agreement and then during the on boarding phase of a website project, to ask any and all questions, with no mystery left for the imagination.   As a policy, I also require the new website client to sign and date the web agreement, confirming their understanding of the details and tasks to be performed.

How long will it take for the website to be completed and launched?   

The time it takes to launch a website is definitely relative to a variety of conditions and business policies.  The overall size of the website, how much content is being added, and whether the content and images are available, are important aspects of how much time it will take.   Most busy agencies will have a regular book of business that is juggled on a monthly basis.   Those customers deserve timely attention to their requests for digital marketing tasks, from blog writing, to editing information, optimizing new photos and tending to various other marketing endeavors like social media postings. 

For a typical website with 10 to 12 pages of content, I typically indicate 20 to 25 business days to complete a project.   With that said, I request that 75 percent of all content and photos to be supplied before project launch.   The final 25% is required at 80% completion of the site.   

A month or less is not a given with other web designers.   Again, the timeframe is relevant to overall size and level of detail, but if a web developer does not provide a time frame or they say 2-3 months, that would be a definitely NO – GO.   So look for a design agency that would commit to a month or less for a small to medium size website and no more than 2 months for a larger site.   Beyond those timeframes there would need to be a valid reason for a website to take longer.  

Can you edit your own website? 

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