Rosebud Horse Bedding

Another custom wordpress design by Wild Web West is the official website for Rosebud Horse Bedding, LLC a company based in Grangeville Idaho that processes premium pine shavings from the discards of Idaho Forest Group, a primary lumber sawmill.

Rosebud Horse Bedding has had an online presence for many years, but the website that represented this premium product was falling in rankings due to its stale static web pages.   Rosebud asked Mary Mangold of Wild Web West to present a proposal for upgrade to the most modern website application.

In January 2012, Wild Web West redesigned and launched a brand new custom website using WordPress and Genesis Framework combined with the Metric Child Theme. The website now features an embedded blog, where representatives from Rosebud Horse Bedding can post news and custom testimonials as well as edit the pages throughout the site.  They can post new photos and receive inquiries through the guest feedback form, a feature that makes it easy for visitors to their website to use for communication and questions.

Since the site has been launched, Rosebud has seen an increase in traffic as well as emails and communications from shavings users across the west.

Contact Amy Stinnett at for questions about the website and her experience with Mary at Wild Web West.

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